About Apollo Group

We are a bathroom and kitchen manufacturer and seller, we supply high quality product at low price. We served thousands of customers including Fletcher Residencial, GJ Gardeners and Laser Group. We are very happy working with our satisfied clients.

To get the bathroom and/or kitchen of your dreams, you should contact us at Apollo Group. We are specialist kitchen and bathroom installers and pride ourselves on the standard of our workmanship. We’ll give you a kitchen or bathroom that is high quality and luxurious but at a price you can afford.

The kitchen and bathroom we design for you will also be bespoke. This means it will be tailored to your needs, tastes, and style. This could be modern or contemporary, large or small. You will get all the features and functions you want, plus your new kitchen or bathroom will make the best possible use of the space you have.


Apollo Group strives to help our customers make their houses more of a home. For years we have been providing a variety of building supplies to our customers, especially kitchen and bathroom products. Our high quality fixtures and materials, in addition to our customer service orientation, have won us an excellent reputation, though we see each new customer as an opportunity to improve on this record.


Our Services

  • Kitchen and bathroom design
  • Bespoke kitchen and bathroom installations
  • Installing in new build homes as well as replacing your existing kitchen or bathroom
  • Supplying bespoke benchtops including granite benchtops in a range of styles

Why Choose Us?

You will get an excellent level of customer service from our team throughout the design and installation process. Our designers are highly skilled and will come up with creative solutions to your specific requirements. This includes maximising the use of space and light.

The team we send to your home will be comprised of experienced craftsmen who have a keen attention to detail. The result will be a kitchen or bathroom you will want to spend time in. You’ll want to show it off too!

Find out more about our services today.