At Apollo Group, we have a range of benchtops available, including a choice of granite benchtops. Each has a different look so you can get the right match for the style of your kitchen or bathroom.

What about the cost? After all, granite benchtops have a reputation for being expensive. You’ll be glad to hear ours are affordable. We can keep our prices low because we have an effective and well-tested supplier channel. This enables us to pass on savings to you.


Our Services

  • We provide a choice of granite benchtops
  • Samples are available in our showroom so you can see the effect up close
  • We cut the benchtop to the exact size you need
  • We transport and install the benchtop in your home

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To find out more about the styles of granite we currently have available, please contact a member of our team. You will find us professional plus we will give you all the advice you need.

You can also get a free, no obligation quote for your new granite benchtop.